The NRG Workshop..Cool Enclosures..Many thanks to 'Trick' in the United Kingdom, who supplied this webpage.

Example of PLL Pro 3 Enclosure

Below are some images showing how I boxed my PLL Pro 3 (4W). You will notice that I have chosen to keep all the components supplied with the kit where they should be according to the instructions (as opposed to panel mounting all the LED's etc). That way, if I move on at a later date, and need to re-box the XMTR, each 'module' will always remain complete and operable. If you would like to know just how little it can cost for a (IMHO) pretty neat finish, then check out the pricelist at the bottom.

1) Front panel, with SO239 socket (with dummy load supplied with the kit connected), and power socket.

  2) Rear panel with phono socket for audio input. The box is a little over sized, but I intend on installing another PCB in the not too distant future!

3) The inside view :) Mounted on ordinary PCB fasteners. Each connection to the board is effectively doubled up, so that the kit stays in one piece.   4) The back of the front panel. I used RG58U for the short distance inside the box, as the larger RG213 used for the antenna is impractical in a tight space.

5) The back of the rear panel. A good quality right-angled PL259 plug comes in handy here, so you aren't forcing a bend in the coax when the lid is replaced.

Shopping List

I ordered my parts from Maplin (UK), but any good electronics supplier should hold these items in stock:

Item GBP
SO 239 Panel Mount Socket 1.29
Right-Angled PL259 Plug 1.49
Gold Plated Panel Mount Phono Socket 1.99
M3 10mm Spacers (Pack of 4) 1.39
Gold Plated Phono Plug 0.99
RG58U Coax (Price per metre) 0.49
OFC Audio Cable (Price per metre) 0.49
Aluminium Enclosure 8.99
2.5mm Panel Mount Power Socket 0.49
Total cost of parts (inc VAT) 17.61