Basic FM Transmitter System = Transmitter + Aerial + Audio Limiter

The Basic FM Transmitter layout is shown here. This is a mono system and is intended for Low Power FM Stations. (It could be made stereo by simply adding a Stereo Coder and using a stereo limiter). The Limiter - Compressor is essential because without it, your transmitted audio levels will be up and down like a yo-yo! The transmitting aerial must be mounted as high as possible above the ground and it must be OUTDOORS. Remember, Antenna height is far more important than transmitter power when it comes to good signal range! FM Broadcasting has never been so easy and the NRG Kits Workshop is here to help with technical assistance.
A 13.8 Volt Power Supply is required in many cases. However, with the Transmitter type shown, the DC power supply is built in and the front terminals also provide the DC power for the Limiter Compressor. The only other thing needed is a length of low loss RG213 Coax cable to connect the transmitter to the aerial. This length will usually be at least 20 metres to reach the aerial.

FM Transmitter system, here are the basics!