PLL PRO 3 Based 40 Watt FM Transmitter

Adjustable Output Power

 Highly stable PLL Frequency Controlled!

 No Expensive Test Equipment Required!

 Filters Included To Ensure Low Harmonic Levels

 12 - 15 v power supply required 

 An Amazingly Low Price!

 Only We Produce This Product


With selectable 15/40 watts output, PLL-PRO 3 driver and BLW60 linear power amplifier all in one enclosure, this unit offers exceptional power output and stability at a super low price. Despite it's high power output, this exciter runs cool thanks to a powerful 80mm fan operated depression cooling system. Complete 87.5 – 108 MHz coverage is obtained and frequency set-up is simple. Thanks to the PLL-PRO 3 driver, an excellent signal to noise ratio is guaranteed, out of lock power down is standard (and essential!) and you are assured of the legendary NRG modulation standards. Unlike inferior products, the PLL-PRO 40-watt unit has frequency pre-correction in the drive to the PA stage to maintain a flat response from 87.5 to 108. It does not rely on saturating the PA to level the output!

Spectral purity is a key feature of the performance. The PA stage has a 4-pole low pass filter and a discrete 6-pole low pass filter follows this. All harmonics are much better than –50 dB down on the carrier. The improved design of the PLL-PRO 3 driver also ensures that any other spurious are negligible.

Ruggedness and reliability come naturally with the PLL-PRO 40W exciter. The Philips BLW60C output transistor has a generous 113 watts dissipation figure, which means it can tolerate harsh operating environments. The efficient cooling system ensures none of the 'power slump' problems associated with high temperatures, and further enhances reliability.

When used with a high gain transmitting aerial, a useable range of up to 15 miles can be expected, depending on aerial height and terrain.

Alternate Angle View
Alternate Angle View
Alternate Angle View


 40 Watt Exciter specifications:

  • Type: VHF/FM PLL wideband modulation
  • Frequency Coverage: 87.0 to 110 MHz
  • Frequency Generation: frequency wideband osc/doubler
  • Frequency Correction: Phase Locked Loop Synth.
  • Frequency Stability: Plus/minus 1KHz (crystal controlled)
  • Full RF power out: 40 watts min
  • Low power setting: 15 watts
  • Harmonic Rejection: -50dB down (6 pole lpf)
  • Spurious: -70dB down on carrier
  • S/N ratio: -80dB down on line level
  • Pre-emphasis: None, 50 uS, 75uS switchable
  • Unlock power down: lock detect/overide jumper fitted
  • Audio performance: Less than 0.2% distortion, 20Hz-75KHz
  • Amplifier stage: BLW60C single stage
  • PA stability: Stable through 20:1 swr, all phases
  • PA ruggedness: 20:1 swr withstand at full power
  • PA efficiency: 80%
  • Polarity protection Full crowbar fused power input
  • Audio input: 0.775 V rms for +/- 75 KHz
  • Supply Voltage required: 13.8 Volt DC regulated
  • Supply Current requirement: 6amp cont
  • Cooling system: 80mm fan depression cooling
  • Fan electrical suppression